Zonewide Limited
Zonewide's rates are open to negotiation. Depending on the nature of the project we can be flexible on the rate. We like to be involved with new technology and projects that will provide an intelectual challenge or access to leading edge technology.

In the case of a contract, often this is dealt with through an agency. The agency and zonewide will negotiate a contract, and the agency and the company negotiate a separate contract, with that agency making a profit. In many cases companies may only deal with particular agencies and some times the agency may allow the company more lenience in payment times, where we expect payment within a week of submitting an invoice.
All Zonewide rates can be arranged as an hourly or daily figure.
Contract rates are fixed for the period of the contract and daily rates are preferred.

For Zonewide's ad-hoc consultation and advise service you will be billed at the end of each month at an agreed rate. An hourly rate is preferred.
Should Zonewide agree to develop some software working with your company on a freelance basis rates will be agreed in advance and you will be billed at the end of each month for the time spent. We will be able to agree in advance to mutually acceptable time limits for each phase of the development.
There may be cases where Zonewide is able to offer particular custom software or scripts for a fixed price, payable on delivery.

All Zonewide invoices are payable immediately.