Zonewide Limited
Bellow we try to list some of the many technologies Zonewide has had practical experience with, first in generic terms then naming specific brands and standards. This list is by no means complete as we specialises in new and emerging technologies, and can usually achieve a result using any systems. We don't claim to know everything about any of these products or standards, we have used them all and gained a level of familiarity and also know how to research what we don't know.
Fields of experience
Zonewide has had exposure to many common Internet and intranet protocols, standards and languages. Web servers and browsers, file transfer and sharing software, text, audio and video chat systems. We have worked with various streaming media types and servers as well as programing the client software for these. We have used many different operating systems and data storage and retrieval systems including relational and hierarchical databases. We have used various scripting languages and automation systems a lot. We have developed bespoke custom software, sometimes for enterprise scale systems. We have built content management systems from scratch and used or modified existing commercial products. We have converted legacy client based applications into web based applications and developed many new web applications based on business requirements. Zonewide has often had to integrate legacy or existing software and systems with the new systems being developed. Our experience also includes using good communication skills to establish a business requirement, develop this into a functional specification and deliver concise and useful documentation. Nearly all the projects worked on have required security planning and has ranged from file permissions and user profiles to encryption and secure certificates.
Specific brand names and standards used by Zonewide
All versions of Microsoft Windows including servers(Windows NT, Windows 2000 etc.). MSDOS, Novell, OS/2, Unix, Solaris and Linux.
RDBMS's MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle and MySQL.
Web Servers IIS, HTTPD, WebLogic, Dynamo and Apache.
Content Management Systems (CMS) OpenMarket, SiteServer and custom built systems.
Microsoft .NET Framework C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Web Services, WebForms and WinForms
Java JSP, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), JavaBeans and JHTML.
Visual Basic VBA, VB, VBScript, Components, COM, DCOM, Win32API Visual InterDev and FrontPage Extensions.
Web scripting HTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Javascript/ECMAscript/JScript.
XML XSL, XSLT, Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL), Microsoft Windows Media Player Guide (WMPG) 'Media Definition Format' files (MDF), Xalan, Xerces and MSXML.
Graphics PhotoShop, Premier, Flash, Bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, Lightwave, Paint Shop Pro (PSP), Visio and ImageMagick.
Streaming media Real Networks, Real Producer, .RM, .RAM, ShoutCast, Windows Media, Windows Media Encoder, Windows Media Services and publishing.
Security Microsoft SAM, Windows Domain Security Architecture, Access Control Lists (ACLS), Profiles, Policies, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL),HTTPS, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and firewalls.
Source control Visual Source Safe (VSS) and CVS.
Server clustering, load balancing, Windows Load Balancing Service (WLBS) and hardware solutions.
Web protocols and standards HTTP, FTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, IP, DNS, IRC, POP3 and NNTP.
Network skills LAN, WAN, ethernet, token ring, optical fibre, Network General Sniffer, routers and routing.
Scripting Perl, DOS Batch files (.bat,.cmd), VBScript, ASP, JSP and SQL scripts.