Zonewide Limited
Zonewide's primary purpose is contracting out the services of Paul Wemyss.

A contract is usually negotiated at the beginning of a project for periods of three months allowing for budgeting. During the contract period Paul Wemyss can attend your site every business day just like your regular staff providing an in-house resource for the entire project lifecycle. Short term contracts to help a project through a critical phase will also be considered.
We feel strongly that one of the main duties for a good contractor is making sure that knowledge is communicated back properly through excellent documentation and working with permanent staff for a smooth hand-over.

Zonewide can also provide freelance ad-hoc consulting and development services. These will usually be charged at an agreed hourly rate and can cover anything from telephone consultation through design and systems architecture to developing custom software or scripts.

These services are usually available in and around London and the south east of the UK. However, travel offers will be considered as will remote working.